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Welcome to Smyth's Apple Orchard

Smyth's Apple Orchard is a family-run business that had its beginning in the mid-1800's. It is situated at historical
Dundela, Ontario, Canada where two monuments commemorate John McIntosh who discovered an apple tree in his back yard.

Through careful attendance and grafting by his son Allen the native apple grew in popularity and was appropriately named the McIntosh Red.

McIntosh orchards throughout the world originated from this single tree.

We have a large variety of seasonal apples and fruits.

Our shop features many jams, jellies and chutneys.

We also can make
gift baskets for that special person, client or family.

While stopping by for those treats don't forget to browse our "New to You" section of collectibles and antiques. There are all kinds of hidden treasures waiting to be found! We are looking forward and are excited for another great season and hope to see you soon!

Be sure to visit our Flea Market! You never know what treasure you might find that's New-To-You!

So while I have been adding my updates…I need to also include the two local vendors which are a wonderful addition to our store. We now have jewelry from BeBe’s Boutique and My Wristy Business. Once I get some things together, I will post some pics…So very excited!--


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